Monday, March 29, 2010


These are "Straight out of the Camera", or as I put it,
totally naked pictures.

I went to Salt Lake this last weekend for Anna Banana's bridal shower 
and stole Kelsey for about 10 minutes to take a few pictures.
We have been best friends since we were about 10 years old
and now she is leaving on her MISSION to TEMPLE SQUARE!

I am so excited for her.

Congratulations beautiful girl.  You are amazing.

And seriously.  Have you ever seen red hair like that?  BEAUTIFUL.


Kelsey said...

Thanks!! You are the best! LOVE YOU!!

courtney said...

yes, loving the red hair...and the pics of course. good luck kelsey!

Yo Momma Lindsey said...

GORGEOUS! Love you, Kels!

Melissa said...

Kelsey you get more beautiful every time I see you. Congrats on the mission call!

cindy said...

These could not be more beautiful-subject and artist!