Monday, May 17, 2010

cooking is for lovers

I got to go photograph with idaho falls magazine this last weekend
at their cook off!
It was so much fun
and I got to try out my new lens!!

(I even got to go up on the roof!)


Anonymous said...

thats awesome!! i love the roof shot. youre so talented. you have a good eye (or two) for capturing beauty through a lens.

courtney said...

lots of good people watching. :)

The I's have it--Ivy said...

What kind of lens and camera?

My husband and I tinker in photography with a Nikon D80. We have a handful of lenses but we always dream of the latest and greatest.


mckenzie said...

It's a Nikon D90 and the lens is a 70-200 2.8. It's a good lens, I would highly recommend it. Thanks for commenting, Ivy!!!!

esther.beazer said...

i love the one of the dog!