Friday, March 25, 2011

baby c.


My beautiful beautiful sister in law with her new baby boy number 3.
have you ever seen a baby that happy, adorable, and with such a great head of hair?
he is such a joy.
welcome to the family little guy!


Nicole said...

Oh Mckenzie! Thank you so much for doing these. They are beautiful and will be a wonderful keepsake for Ryan and I. Thank you soooooo much. They turned out so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Love you!

brentandcambry said...

am I having a stroke or is it snowing on your blog? These are some great photos. Beautiful shot, baby, and mamma. Nice work. -brent

Cari said...

Beautiful! But am I surprised? No! Plan on doing these for me in well... who knows when at this point. :) Hope all is well!!!