Monday, April 4, 2011


I love this family!
They could have been so grumpy about the cold weather and horrible wind,
but they had such a good attitude and were so great to work with.
I can't say thank you enough!!


p.s. proof of how cold it was.


Corrine said...

beautiful!! You are my inspiration!! I have a photo shoot of 18 scheduled for Aug!! I have never done a family that LARGE! ;) you are so good!!

Barbara Palmisano said...

amazing family!!!

Serene Sweeten said...

Oh hey look at you! You are getting really good at outside shots. Not, gonna lie the outside lighting thing is still kinda scary to me. :) I miss you too! I am dying to know where you guys are going to end up! So, if you could just make the biggest decision of your life thus far and hurry up and decide that would be great! haha Hey did you ever end up going out to lunch with the Whitney's?

Natasha said...

That makes me wanna adopt a black kid when I have a family =)))